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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Just bite; Golden berry gold worth Rs

There are many medicinal herbs in our courtyard and the ground. Many of us know only the very nature of a few small plants. That's a clear example. We are just a bunch of wild plants. You can see this on the bushes.

It is commonly known in the names of Malathakali, Mettambi, Muttambulangi, Nurinjota, Muttambuli, and Ootyu. The only thing that can be heard on the forehead is that it can be played on the forehead. Only we used it.

The scientific name of Faizilis mimi, which is the golden berry for foreigners. This is just like gold. It is priced at Rs. 17 per fruit. There are 10 oils in UAE worth Dh3. Is this not the quality of being so valuable?

This is the result of body growth and intellectual development. Moreover, this is a form of urinary hazard for kidney disease. It is also used by sportspersons as health supplements.

Ayurvedic medicines have a clear effect on the medicinal properties. It has long been used for medicines. This was also used by the Karkattam Kanniyam. It's a rainy season. It grows in the rainy season. But when the summer passes, it is burned up.

Anyway, Golden Berry has opened up the best earning opportunity


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